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What is a Standard Guitar Tuner

To be able to tune your guitar is an important milestone for a budding musician or player. People won’t recognize the exceptional talent of a musician nor the sweet sound of a special song if the instruments are out of tune. Beginners would surely find it difficult to tune a guitar before practice or playing. That is why it is important for them to learn how to tune a guitar. Either you do what past musicians do which is relying on ear training, use a tuning fork or better yet get a standard guitar tuner.

The standard guitar tuner is an important tool to musicians be it he is just a novice player or already an accomplished player. Tuning the guitar with a standard guitar tuner should be a priority for beginners. They are easy to use because of their compact size and they are very helpful if your ears cannot find the right pitch. Local music stores carry standard guitar tuners and they have an affordable price tag ranging from eight dollars and up.

The standard guitar tuner is just one version of a guitar tuner, with the chromatic guitar tuner being the other. Based on the standard tuning of a guitar, the six strings are calibrated with the standard guitar tuner. The standard tuning of a guitar has been E, B, G, D, A, E and it starting point is the thinnest string.

The 1st string is “E” which can be identified as being the thinnest string. It is called the top string despite being located on the bottom of the guitar’s body because it is the highest sounding string. The other strings, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th strings grow gradually thicker until you reach the 6th string, which is the thickest. Calibrate the first string to “E” and the rest to the corresponding letters.

The Chromatic guitar tuner adds flats and sharps in its recognition capabilities. Musicians prefer this guitar tuner over the standard guitar tuner when they are doing “flat” tuning. Tuning to one semi-tone lower is called flat tuning.

Standard guitar tuners are guitar’s first aid kit, they are there to help musicians in case the instruments gets out of tune. In fact with instruments at the right pitch, it makes a big difference.

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